Blue is the Color: My First Season

Wigan v Chelsea

Another game another 6-0 thrashing. This one was a little more even. The first half would even be considered competitive. Wigan proved to be much more capable than West Bromwich, that being said they are obviously not an elite team.

I wonder if Chelsea is spoiling me. I haven’t followed the club long and have already seen 12 goals. This is the sort of thing that most teams take 4-6 games to accomplish. A friend of mine who is a Liverpool fan is ultra defensive now because his team had shown so few signs of brilliance. As of writing this, Liverpool has scored two goals over the entire season.

This game featured a great Malouda goal and two quick Kalou goals. I think that the man of the match truly was Anelka. He sealed the deal with the second and third goals. Drogba had an assist hat trick but he never really dominated the game. The long pass from Mikel was outstanding and the play of the match for me.

Chelsea v Stoke

If I felt spoiled by the Wigan game, the Stoke game highlighted the frustration of being a football fan in America.  The game was not on any of the channels I receive and have settled for highlights.  From the look of the highlights, Chelsea was able to handle Stoke, but not completely dominate.  Malouda has been on an absolute tare.  Four goals, scoring in ever game this season.  Drogba’s penalty was the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the start of the champions league and my first match in Boston

Keep the Blue Flag Flyin High


Blue is the Color: My First Season

6-0. 6-0, that was my introduction to Chelsea football. A 6 nothing thrashing of a team recently promoted. This is the way all people should be introduced to the sport. One nothing games hold a special place later in the season.  A zero draw at old Trafford is an acceptable outcome.  But for your first real match – you want lots of goals and a win.

This is my first season following Chelsea. That’s not entirely true. I knew that Chelsea was good last season. That Drogba was a goal machine and that Lampard was the captain, but that was about all I knew. I did not know that they were title condensers or that they won the FA cup.  Drogba has been one of my favorite players for a while – I heard a story that he helped end the civil war in the Ivory Coast by demanding that a match be played in a dangerous region – a great story for an African studies minor.  So I was familiar with parts of the team.  This is the first time that I knew every player from Alex to Terry.

Over the summer I fell in love with the beautiful through the world cup. I found myself caring about Chelsea players.   Ever day I checked to see if Mikel had started, if Drogba was fit, and what the hell was going on with France.  It was during the Ghana – USA game that I knew I had to choose an EPL team.  I will go into that decision process later.

Back to the game: what’s left to say. It was fantastic. Drogba’s hat trick, Essien’s outstanding midfield play, and Czechs continued dominance in the goal- though he was hardly tested. Seeing the Bridge on game day was special. I can not wait to visit the bridge.   There are something’s I would have liked to have seen more of: better play from Mikel, more play from Yossi and Kalou, and maybe even a Sturridge appearance, but overall these are minor points.  The game was beautiful and I can not wait for Wigan this Saturday.