Blue is the Color: My First Season

6-0. 6-0, that was my introduction to Chelsea football. A 6 nothing thrashing of a team recently promoted. This is the way all people should be introduced to the sport. One nothing games hold a special place later in the season.  A zero draw at old Trafford is an acceptable outcome.  But for your first real match – you want lots of goals and a win.

This is my first season following Chelsea. That’s not entirely true. I knew that Chelsea was good last season. That Drogba was a goal machine and that Lampard was the captain, but that was about all I knew. I did not know that they were title condensers or that they won the FA cup.  Drogba has been one of my favorite players for a while – I heard a story that he helped end the civil war in the Ivory Coast by demanding that a match be played in a dangerous region – a great story for an African studies minor.  So I was familiar with parts of the team.  This is the first time that I knew every player from Alex to Terry.

Over the summer I fell in love with the beautiful through the world cup. I found myself caring about Chelsea players.   Ever day I checked to see if Mikel had started, if Drogba was fit, and what the hell was going on with France.  It was during the Ghana – USA game that I knew I had to choose an EPL team.  I will go into that decision process later.

Back to the game: what’s left to say. It was fantastic. Drogba’s hat trick, Essien’s outstanding midfield play, and Czechs continued dominance in the goal- though he was hardly tested. Seeing the Bridge on game day was special. I can not wait to visit the bridge.   There are something’s I would have liked to have seen more of: better play from Mikel, more play from Yossi and Kalou, and maybe even a Sturridge appearance, but overall these are minor points.  The game was beautiful and I can not wait for Wigan this Saturday.



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